I'm In the middle of closing this blog off, moving ahead to

more proper in the name. Search friendly and doesn't get google to suggest "artwork" on your search everytime(LOL). it's still new, still trying to figure out the simplest theme for it. Brothers and sisters feel free to re-link this baby. XD

Yes Baby!! 72 Users In 2 Days.

Heres the link if you feel like having some badass dragon curling on your Chrome. For FREE!! XD

27 Canisters a Day

How well do you know Korea? Come and meet the charms of Korea at Touch Korea! You are warmly invited!

How well do you know Korea? Come and meet the charms of Korea at Touch Korea! You are warmly invited!

How well do you know Korea? Come and meet the charms of Korea at Touch Korea! You are warmly invited!

Happy new year. It's 2011. There's still no flying cars and cops running around with laser guns. Nothing that new to get overly excited about.

Oh yeah, talk about new thing. Due to overwhelming requests, I have finally decided to provide customization service on bike helmets.

as stated on the photo. The charges will be:
60 (Design only)
130(Design+New MYHelmet)

Currently there are only four (4) colours are available for the lineworks. (Black, Red, Blue, Green)

The theme will be based on your Idea and suggestion (eg:things you like and love) but I am free to compose the drawing onto the helmet the way I like based on the given theme. Because the design are drawn manually, your helmet will be the one and only helmet with exclusive design in this whole world.

the price does not include shipping price especially for customers who couldn't arrange a pickup meeting.

here's a link to the facebook page of this http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1724214741642
feel free to share it around with your friends n families.


Hello, Welcome to Unikuro!!
Hell, that would be the very thing ud be hearing at every corner at my new workplace. Temporarily enslaving myself as a retail associate at Uniqlo's 1st Malaysia branch in KL. From Tokyo To KL Yo!!

For those who wonder what's Uniqlo its like the GAP of Japan. Another SPA clothing line ranked 5th in the world. Pretty Slick yeah? I'm trying to learn all I can from this job. How to appeal item, inventory management, tidying and stuff. Meet Bunchloads of cool people, weird freaky people and also make some new cool friends.

Okay enuf about life. We wouldnt call this blog artworkh without an artwork itself. So here are some new experimental painting I did for Ri few days ago.

PsCs5 and That lame bloody Bamboo Pen.
Also, I Still have alot to learn.

If You have ever Dropped by Uniqlo Fahrenheit88, Tell me what do you think about the store and what do you wish we could have there in the comments below.

Till then, Thanks for Dropping by and Seeya Around.
Hey!! Guess What? Its August 15!! its like a National Day celebration for OctoGang. And guess whats up today? Its's OctoGang's Founder, Ri the cuterest's Birthday haha. Wish you gets healthier and cuter and sweeter and smexier every year. Love you Damn Lots baby. Here's for You. ^^

We've been in slum for quite some time. We've been very busy with work and so on. Well, here's a major awesome news for everyone! Ri♥ had been working hard for these cute Octo Goodiesss! Check Them Out!! XD

OctoJid Plushie and Hat by ~OctoGang on deviantART

OctoGang Figurines by ~OctoGang on deviantART

Artist: Cutest Ri♥
Greetings Readers.
A little late update for the OG animation. A second design up for Seaweed town for octogang series.

Booyeah, I'm currently employed by Toonasia Studio as an animator. about 6 hours traveling everyday is giving me some crappy backpain. Met some good people there like Kiyaa and Jennifer. Things are getting pretty hectic with ipcc dateline around the corner, and this urge to design more things.

Anyway I've made a few designs out of the blue. Some random quick painting and stuff while theres wasn't any loads for me out at work so far.

Well as the title said. We are currently working on the pre production stage of the coming Octogang indie animation series. Here's some preview of the concepts ^^

You will be seeing lots lots of octogang family members along the series and I really mean a lot!! so stay tune for the coming updates!! for the time being, Check out our facebook page on the side link! :D

Octogang, Yuri & Yaji ♥ You~ ^^

Well Nothing out much for this. We've adopted a girl so I'd just call my lady a mother too.
Here's for you honey, Happy mother's d.. wait.., lets give that a tweak. happy Hot Mother's day! Love you baby.

A night on SAI :)

Sup guise, I just made another blog at


This new blog will have no rants or anything written. fully image.
I'm using a photolog skin on it so it meet the purpose to hold all the images.

check it out and tell me what do u think about it, Here. hahaha

catch you guys around~ and here's a halloween themed shot for you.

Catch and bite you readers around~ ò,...,ó
Yes I'm here. Ranting as always. Been producing pretty plenty of kids lately since the last update. Let us see what have wifey and I have been making. Yes, I'm shamelessly pimping our stuff an you who shamelessly came to this blog must sit there and see. Get it? Get it?

Here's a remake of YaRi Original sets from 2007 pretty nostalgic but something remains the same, the ship is gonna get burnedd!!!

2007 - MSN Doodle

2009 - Easy Paint Tool SAI

Wifey got kinda plenty of porcupine pets from MOL it was pretty hard to take care of them all~ so we kinda decided to get them adopted. It went pretty smooth and all 3 was taken into a new family in just a day. Wish them well hehe.

YaRi:Posing with the baby porcupines

Swing chair. Not much have witnessed this but we did back then in JMS (Maplestory Japan) Being a very cute chair, it deserves a cute owner too? so here goes~

Where am I if you may ask? I was taking the picture so I couldn't get in =p.

Coloured bg has been quite a trouble for me. Fricking hard man. So here's an attempt on a drawing with coloured bg. WOrking title "rooftop" renamed it to "Sunset in Kerning City" picturing yari on the roof. Alot have been asking wth is that black looking thing on the bg. like some sorta gerard butler on cape (300). Supposed to be some antennae I was pretty lazy to change it. pretend its the thief instructor guy.

where escaping from class couldn't get any better

Hellobaby.deviantart.com had this one of her sketch posted up for collabs. The original sketch was badly sloppy so I had to re-ink is all over again. (pretty much it felt like redrawing the whole thing ye' know) Took us about 20 hours of working hours (sweet relaxing working hours) here's how it turned out. Wifey helped alot with the sprite mods to callibrate with the Drawing itself. working title "hellobaby_collab" turned out to be "Priestess Aoyuri and Kumiho".

Sweet sexy title doesn't come alone~ hot hot priestess (I'm not into animal you moron)

Other Sketches

1. Old STyle practice for Horned tail Pendant Tribute
2. Hot Air Bear Balloon Mount on MapleSEA
3. Pimpy Gangstaz Daddy Horned Tail Selling Pendant.
4. ReverseMakers Yari. S cene of Wifey and Me spamming F3 while crafting our Reverse Alchupiz.
5. "My Friend Jay" @cash/NX weapon being utilized at their best.
6. Ri "borrowing" Hubby's pendant.

Well then I guess thats all for today. I still have a few more coming in the next entry maybe tonite. Catch you readers around.
All thanks to mommy for wanting to make more and more kids everyday~
So here are the kids we've been making.

Evil Nemo.

Yuri & Samsung STAR PINK (S2350)

YaRi went cosplaying after watching Howl's Moving Castle

Yuri & helping out Agent M in ChumJi's Farm.

All of them were made on Easy Paint Tool SAI. Hope you enjoy viewing them.

Fat Daddy
Hello my friends and stalkers haha,
Haven't write much lately. Here are some stuff and new babies that I went to adopt haha.

Mamegoma Sets. 2 more of their sibling are are still in the wild. Wish me luck on catching the two. haha.

Look whos home!! haha. Thanks to Mintos from Mibbles for
getting the kids their own clay models. Haha XD

And Guess who made it to 4th job lately? haha~ Here's a drawing celebrating my cute baby ri getting reaching 4th job. Love u baby. (B> battleship cannon book 2!!)

eh whats this? piano sheet? thats flash timeline. It's a project Im working on now. Omg dateline!! okay gotta get back to work hahaha. thanks for your time reading.
Sup Guise.
well asiasoft is running on a new fanart contest again, and as for what I have been playing it is for MapleStory by Nexon. I cant post the final piece here but well, here are the progress. Ri was with me all nite and we were discussing out this and that, brainstorming ideas and stuff.

Here are the progress of the work.

Please note that i cant post the final product here due to the rules n regulation. so I'll link to the entry thread on my last paragraph.

it started out with the idea of a super handsome guy as the mage though. hahaha turned out something else.

Well, you can heck out the Finished Piece Here:

Aaaaaaayu: Final by ~yajido on deviantART

Comission: ArtHammer.com by ~yajido on deviantART


I'm now Taking Vectors & Characters Drawing requests as for listed price.

Waist up (from $40 to $80USD)
Fullbody ( from $70USD up to $100USD) per character.
(Vector price are varied according to details in the reference photo)

+10 for additional background


Waist up Sketch $25 usd (Colour +$20) (per Character)
Fullbody $35 (Colour +$20) (per character)
BG (+$10)

note: Prices are in USD.

for traditional art /printed comissions
+5 for printing
+$5 for shipping
product will be printed with laser quality and
packed in waterproof envelope and bubble wrap.

payments can be made through paypal and western union.
note that several charges will be impounded on the services.
Details will be given upon requests.

I will start working upon receiving 50% deposit for every order.
Customer will be updated with watermarked work-in-progress upon request.

All drawing will be coloured and prepared at high resolutions. Best quality for printing and wallpapers.

for Orders
Email me with Subject "Comission"
add my MSN yajiiii[at]hotmail[dot]com

I had my 1st time try on imported gashapon machine. so my 1st attempt for today is to get one of the kitty swing down here. As ghey as it might sounds, i don't give a damn really. Just feel like getting the whole party of em to my or somebody's collection hahaha.

one that kinda caught my attention as well~

Gator x2 =_=

.the one that i really like the most is the lion. but heck it was so damn hard to get. out of 5 tries lucky i just got 1 same swing. the gator. pretty much cheaper than other stuff, one spin of a kitty costs just a single token (RM4). Naruto, Gundams, Mask Riders, and others* costs 2 or 3 tokens at least. the 1st time i went to the token exchange mahine someone was kinda left his/her token inside it haha yeah extra token for this bastard! hahaha. I'm not planning to turn this into hobby. more like a tryout today and they are all gonna be wrapped and sent to umm i dont know~ =p heheheh.

So here goes the rant of the day.
Saturday morning, I woke up at around 10, and as promised to Billionmark Sdn. Bhd to go get the T806's i reached there around 11, yeah before 12. Plaza Phoenix, does looks really dead like some kinda ancient ruin. some gates and glass doors broken, covered in plywoods hammered to the wall. pretty much its quite a ghost house. My destination is behind that building anyway. As I got there The salesgirl went wondering how did i get to know about the product and their company etc etc. easy answer yeah. out of all i get to know the company from my beloved girl 6,612 kilometers or 3,570 nautical miles away in Sydney(1). (love u baby!~).

So here are the kids that we have adopted. 2 pair of octopus twins. The award winning T806 kissing Octopus USB! haha~ sweet arent they? even come with life time warranty!

For more info and Pictures of the T806 (kinda sounds like terminator eh?) check out my baby lovely Ri's blog~ at http://my.opera.com/aoyuri/blog/

their 1st look in the company's office.

Oh yeah~ lunchtime!

and then i brought the kids to eat lunch with me in Sunway Pyramid~ yeah McDonald's McValue meal!! haha


big mac meal ho yeah!!! for MYR7.95 . (you shoulda try this out, really~ the combos start from 5.95 permeal!)

after dishes i went to the arcade and kept on spam playing Dance Dance Revolution until my right foot cramped hahaha. couldnt stand straight for a while there.

In the end, i went to Midvalley megamall and bought a set of Bulgogi dishes! oh man the taste is sooooooooo damn good!!!

As for today, ive been camping around the gashapon machines in Sungei Wang. I'll post the pictures up in the next entry~ catch ya guys around ^^